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Brogan Resch Photography | Paint Mines, CO Engagement

If you are planning a visit to Colorful Colorado, you need to check out the Paint Mines. Just outside of Colorado Springs you will find this hidden gem that creates the most stunning backdrop for any photoshoot.

Kim & Bryan were naturals in front of the camera. From a warm embrace to eskimo kisses, these two were willing to try anything for the perfect shot. And I mean anything! In order to get to this specific location, we had to descend down a steep slope. Kim, who was rocking her flowing black dress, made it look like a breeze as she helped ease my hesitation down the slope. Kim and Bryan were so daring and supportive, not only of each other, but me too! When a couple feels confident, supported, and comfortable to be themselves in front of you, that is the most rewarding feeling as a photographer!

Kim and Bryan, you've set the bar high! Your chemistry is infectious, and this location was perfect for capturing the magic that you both share.


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