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Engagement Photography Prompts - Garden of the Gods, Colorado | Brogan Resch Photography

This snowy Garden of the Gods engagement photoshoot was simply charming! Noah and Morgan's love story is captivating and it radiates in these photos! From eskimo kisses to doing the cupid shuffle, these two were so much fun!

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in a photoshoot with Brogan? I'm going to share with you five of my go-to prompts when working with madly in love couples!

1-"Embrace and look into each other's eyes"

2-Sneak Attack: "Come up from behind and kiss her on the cheek as FAST as you can!"

3-"Spin her around, admire YOUR future Bride

4-"Gently brush her hair back, and kiss her"

5-"Do the Cupid Shuffle"

Prompting couples is one of my favorite elements of photography. Whether you feel nervous in front of the camera or you are the next Tyra Banks, I strive to make my clients feel confident and laugh throughout their session! See if you can "guess what the photographer said" in these photos...

Thank you for visiting Brogan Resch Photography. To get in touch about scheduling your photoshoot fill out the contact form today! I can't wait to capture your special memories!



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